Setting up MacTCP for NCSA

For use with Cisco Server
April 27, 1996

Matthew Stuve
College of Education
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Before you can use MacPPP, you need to have MacTCP properly configured for your Internet service provider (in this case, NCSA)

MacTCP is a control panel available from Apple Computer. If MacTCP is not already installed on your computer, contact Apple or your Internet service provider for obtaining a license to use MacTCP.

Configuring MacTCP

1. Select MacTCP from the Control Panels. If MacPPP has already been installed, your MacTCP window should look something like that in Figure 1:

Figure 1. MacTCP Main Window

2. To further configure MacTCP, click on the More button and the Configuration Window shown below in Figure 2 will appear. That figure shows how it should when you are finished setting up MacTCP for the UIUC.

Figure 2. MacTCP Configuration Window

3. To change the IP settings in MacTCP, you must first set the Obtain Address to Manually.

4. Then choose Class B, then slide the Subnet mask to

5. Set the Domain Name Server information as shown in Figure 2.

6. Type in the Gateway address.

7. When all this is done, set the Obtain Address back to Server.

8. Click OK in the Configuration Window.

9. Make sure PPP is selected in the main window of MacTCP. Then close the MacTCP Control Panel. You will be prompted to Restart the computer.

You are now ready to use MacPPP.


Perhaps the most common problem that might occur when using MacPPP is if the Open button AND the Hard/Soft Close buttons do not appear in MacPPP. If this happens, check your MacTCP control panel. Make sure PPP is selected.

Figure 1. MacTCP Main Window

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Created April 27, 1996 by MJS.