Making Sense of Recent Dial-up Changes at NCSA

Matthew Stuve
College of Education
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Last Update: April 29, 1996

Here is what NCSA says about the recent changes.

Here are some solutions to their changes:

Resources for updating PPP connections on a Macintosh (these instructions assume PPP is already configured on your system)


  1. Preserve your modem settings in MacPPP (perhaps referred to as Config PPP).
    1. Do this by first clicking on the MacPPP control panel, and noting your Port Name (External, Printer or Internal).
    2. Then click on "Config..." in the lower left corner of the PPP control panel.
    3. Write down your Port Speed, Flow Control, and Modem Init settings.
    4. After you have updated the files mentioned below, re-enter these values in the same places in the PPP control panel. For more information on modem settings with MacPPP, go to Dave Long's page.
  2. In your System/Preferences folder, replace the MacTCP Prep file with the one provided here.
  3. In your System/Preferences folder, replace the PPP Preferences file with the one provided here. Re-enter your modem information as mentioned in step 1.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Refer to the new instructions that describe the new (and easier) procedures for using MacPPP with NCSA. These instructions are available here, but the main difference to the dialup procedure is that you do not need a script and PPP will prompt you for your annex name and password settings automatically.

Windows 3.1 (this solution not tested for Windows 95)

  1. Using File Manager, go to your Trumpet Winsock folder and replace the following files with the new one provided here:
  2. Restart Trumpet Winsock
  3. Refer to the instructions that describe the proceedures for using Trumpet Winsock with NCSA.

Using Eudora for Macintosh with the Communications Toolbox

If you use Eudora for Macintosh and you use the Communications Toolbox (CTB) connection method, follow these steps:
  1. Remove NCSA Terminal Server Navs from your System Preferences folder or anywhere else in your Eudora folder (use Find File it you need to)
  2. Add the following file to your System Preferences folder: CiscoNavs 8/31/93+
  3. Restart Eudora
  4. Change the phone number you dial in the Special/Communications dialog box to the new number you were given.

Using Eudora with PPP (Mac or Windows)

No changes needed to Eudora, but you do need to refer to the changes for making PPP connections may still need to re-apply to NCSA to continue your account and dial-up privileges

Refer to correspondance from NCSA and their on-line information.

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This document created April 27 by MJS. Last Update, April 29, 1996.