Using Gopher as a Learning Resource Server

Presentation Notes from GopherCon 1994

Minneapolis, MN, April 22-23

Matthew J. Stuve

Office of Teaching TeleApprenticeships

Department of Educational Psychology

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



What is a Learning Resource Server?

Features of UIUC Learning Resource Server

How does the UIUC LRS serve and represent K-12 teachers and students?

The server joins together resource providers:

The server is:

Distributing server responsibilities on a "composite desktop server"

Existing or planned server technologies:

* Gopher

* AppleShare

* AppleSearch

* WWW (real soon)


* ARA (real soon)

Access to server is via Internet and dial-up

Who's in charge of the server?

* Principle investigators of TTA project

* System administrator (lowly grad student)


Who produces resources?

* College Faculty

* Teachers

* Graduate Students

* Kids

* Other researchers on the Internet

Who contributes resources?

* People with server accounts and who are knowledgeable of Internet and Gopher responsibilities

A look at the Learning Resource Server

A view of our main menu from a Macintosh Gopher client:

Finding the UIUC Learning Resource Server

* The UIUC Learning Resource Server is "linked to" from many other Gopher servers on the Internet. From those other servers, you can "jump" to our server.

* Or, you can connect directly to our server from your networked (TCP/IP protocol) computer. For example, from a UNIX machine with a Gopher client, simply type: gopher

* Or, using TurboGopher, you can connect to our server by choosing "Another Gopher..." from the File menu. In the dialog box that follows, simply type in our Internet address,, and select the Gopher+ option:

Teacher Education Resources

* Includes resources or links to resources for:

- Job searching and placement

- Student teacher apprenticeship

- Internet-based distributed learning projects

- Professional organizations

- Sharing information with peers around the country

- In-service teacher support

- Curriculum design and lesson plans

* Research materials and educational databases, such as:

- ERIC archives

- UIUC Library

- Library of Congress

* Links to other teacher education programs around the country

K-12 Resources

* Links to educational information servers, such as:

- NASA - Argonne Lab

- The Smithsonian Institution - UIUC Weather Machine

- US Dept. of Education - The White House Papers

* Links to other Gopher servers operated by and

for the K-12 community

* Classroom teaching materials and resources

* Comprehensive curriculum guides and indexed lesson plans from Champaign-Urbana Schools

* On-going, distributed problem solving projects such as:

- Grand & Everyday Challenges

- Noon Observation Project

Higher Education Resources

* Official information of the College of Education, including:

- Course descriptions

- Departmental information

- Class documents and syllabi

- Software archives

* Links to the main UIUC campus Gopher server and

other universities

* Links to other information servers that server higher education, such as:

- Chronicle of Higher Education

- National Science Foundation


* Resources from local professional societies and journals

Prepared for HTML on Sep. 29, 1994. MJS