Secondary Student Teaching Programs

We worked with several groups of secondary education student teachers, in mathematics, science and other subject areas. These students were also loaned PowerBook laptop computers, and engaged in a wide variety of network activities. Several of the groups engaged in writing and data sharing, and this process was greatly facilitated through use of the laptop computers. Other students served as mediators between their teachers and the university faculty, sending information from one to the other in both directions. The students were able to maintain contact with each other and with their supervising faculty during holiday breaks and when the university faculty were attending remote conferences.

During the third year of this grant, we plan to extend the Teaching Teleapprenticeship frameworks to the other student teaching programs in the College of Education at the University of Illinois, and to work closely with faculty from a number of other teacher education programs in Illinois and across the nation, to jointly discover ways in which these Teaching Teleapprenticeship frameworks can be used elsewhere for improving the preparation of science and mathematics teachers.

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