Summer Workshops with K-12 Cooperating Teachers

One of the most striking observations from our first two years of implementing Teaching Teleapprenticeships in our student teaching program was the powerful positive effects achieved when both a student teacher and his/her cooperating teacher both used the network. During the summer of 1994, we worked jointly with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications to run a series of workshops, spanning the entire summer, involving more than 60 teachers and administrators, many of whom will be working with our student teachers this academic year. The teachers who will be working with our student teachers this academic year were loaned one of the Powerbook laptop computers that were acquired through this grant. As a result of this extended workshop, we expect to see a diverse set of new ways in which our student teachers and student interns can interact fruitfully with their cooperating teachers, in the course of a wide variety of network uses integrated into their learning.

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