Learning Resource Server

The different Teaching Teleapprenticeships produce various kinds of knowledge, which can be useful for other network participants to access at some later time. To explore the potential of this technology for improving science and mathematics teacher education, we have been developing what we call a Learning Resource Server (LRS), which is actually a suite of servers, including a Gopher server (gopher.ed.uiuc.edu) and a World Wide Web (WWW) server (which you are using right now). The LRS has been presented at several conferences as an exemplary use of this new technology for education, and it is highlighted in the EDUCOM Gopher server, the InterNIC server, and the Gopher Jewels Gopher server at USC as one of the exemplary education servers pointed to. We were selected as one of the few Internet resources to be linked to America Online. We plan to continue the exploration of the kinds of knowledge that teachers and students find useful, as an extension of our studies of the flow of information and knowledge that we initiated with our Message Assistant studies. We hope to build a general cognitive science theoretical framework for these efforts, further developing a conceptual framework we have created called the "distributed network learning framework".

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