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Our group questioned the PURPOSE and IMPORTANCE of evaluation in three educational settings: teacher evaluation; classroom/self evaluation ; and project/curriculum evaluation and attempted to figure out what role evaluation plays in effecting positive change and/or reform.

Teacher Evaluation

Most participants were skeptical about the value of teacher evaluation as it is currently practiced in their school district. Unless a teacher is particularly ineffective the process seems to be a formality. This evaluation is almost always formal and conducted by an outside evaluator.

Karen Bennett

Classroom/Self Evaluation

We agreed that self evaluation and daily evaluation of classroom practices and methods, although usually informal, were very beneficial to all teachers and that we were constantly evaluating. We also wondered if evaluations produced by teachers in the classroom or involved in a project were less realistic/critical than any done by outside evaluators. Also, if it IS important for teachers to perform formal evaluations, why are we not given time to to so. Finally we wondered how teachers could become true stakeholders in the evaluation process.

Karen Lunsford

Kevin Erlinger

Toni Greer

Project/Curriculum Evaluation

Kevin Leander summarized our frequent comments and frustrations with project and curriculum evaluation which is usually formal and conducted by an outside group and often associated with a grant.

Kevin Leander

Our comments showed a general distrust of formal evaluations and almost no one felt that we as teachers are true stakeholders in the evaluation process or that the evaluations themselves were going to help us do a better job of helping students learn or changing the way we structure educational institutions.

Jan Hari

Pamela Van Walleghen:

Donna Lerch

Christy Kindel Karen Lunsford
Although it was clear from our discussions that we were hoping to learn evaluation techniques for our own classrooms we were it seems a cynical group when we tried to imagine the effect of formal evaluations on the larger issues of curriculum and education reform.

Paul Sundberg

Donna Lerch

Perhaps those of us who are gaining this depth of knowledge about evaluation will be better equipped to determine the best uses of technology to help teachers teach and students learn.

Xinjie Ding


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