Rules of the Learning Resource Server

Matthew Stuve
LRS Server Adminstrator
Office phone: 244-7005

This document covers the Learning Resource Web Server.

These rules assume familiarity with Macintosh file sharing. If you are not familiar with file sharing, get help from your account sponsor before you use the server. OR, your Macintosh User's Guide is a good source for well-written instructions for using Macintosh file sharing. If you are a DOS, Windows, or Unix user, or if you do not have access to the UIUC campus LAN, contact your sponsor for help or see the instructions for using FTP to access your files.

Golden Rule: If you are in a public or non-secured site, disconnect from the server immediately when you are finished using it.

Silver Rule: Work locally (on your hard drive) and connect up to the server ONLY when you need to copy/download files.

Other rules:

1. Your use of the servers, and content of the files you put on it, are to be consistant with the arrangement you made with your sponsor. You are responsible for any copyright infringements, inappropriateness, or any damage to the server caused by files placed in your folder(s), or via your account.

2. We are not responsible for loss of your data*. Occasionally the server goes down. If possible, a message will be sent to you while you are connected to the server. This MAY give you time to save your remote work, but it may not. If you follow the Silver Rule, this won't be a problem.

3. Do not run applications from the server (if they exist). If an application is available to you, drag a copy from the server to your hard drive (licensed software will be copy-protected).

4. If you create a folder on a writable volume, you must take responsibility for it. You are the owner and, consequently, it inherits the privileges assigned to your folder.

5. Storage of executable files in your folder(s) is strongly discouraged. If you have been given permission to do so, please virus check your files before you copy them to the server.

6. System security depends on all of us. Do NOT disclose your account name or password to anyone. Choose passwords that are not whole words; use numbers and letters if possible, but not more than 8 characters, please. Passwords are CAsE sENsItive. Do not let anyone else use your remote connection to the server. There is no guest access to the server.

7. As a security feature, login to your account is automatically disabled after four failed attempts. Please contact the Server Administrator if you can not log into the server.

8. Be kind to the network: If you are not using the server, disconnect from it. If you are doing extensive file transfers, do so in non-business hours. In addition, if you are inactive on a server for over an hour, you may be disconncted at the server.

9. Violations of these rules (which can be traced at the server) may result in messages being sent from the server to wherever you are working and/or your being disconnected from the server. Your sponsor will be contacted if this happens frequently. Further violations will result in removal of your account.

10. Students are limited to 1 MB of disk storage, unless special arrangements are made. If this amount is exceded, the user will be notified by the server administrator. Login privileges will be disabled if the problem is not corrected in a timely fashion.

11. If you are confused, or do not know what you are doing with file sharing, get help. If you encounter problems with your account or you folder(s), please contact the Server Administrator immediately.

* Data on the servers themselves itself is backed up to tape several times a week. However, we will not perform special efforts to recover data that is not mission-critical to our server. Only systematic (entire volume) data recovery procedures will be performed, if necessary.

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Created August 30, 1995 by MJS. Last update on October 17, 1996.