For those authors with AppleShare access to the server:

  1. Select Chooser from the Apple menu.
  2. Select AppleShare from the upper left box.
  3. Select Education as the zone in the lower left box.
  4. After a few seconds, you will see a listing of shared Macintosh servers on the network. Select the Learning Resource Web Server.
  5. A dialog box will appear for you to log onto Learning Resource Web Server (this assumes you have been given a appropriate access privileges). By default, the name of the Macintosh at which you are sitting will be entered into the Name field. Type over any entry that may be there with your LRS account name. Tab to the Password field and enter that. Click OK when finished.
  6. Once logged onto the server, you need to select what volume you would like to access. Another dialog box will appear and available volumes will appear in a scrolling field. If a volume is not "dithered" or greyed, the you have some kind of access privileges to it.
  7. Select the volume you want and click OK.
    That volume will now be mounted on the desktop
  8. To disconnect from the volume, simply drag it into the trashcan.

Security Issues with Macintosh AppleShare

Last update August 30, 1995 by MJS.