FTP Applications

For Windows users, use "WS_FTP32LE", a free FTP application from Ipswitch Software

You can "download" a free copy of WS_FTP (the FTP application equivalent of Fetch) from:
Copy this URL and paste it into your web browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer) (or click on it if you're reading this page through your web browser). It should take about 7 minutes at 14.4K or 4 minutes at 28.8K modem speed.

You can get the WS_FTP "User's Guide" at:

Also, you can look at some WS_FTP help pages on the Global Schoolnet site at:

Here are the four places to type in your information into WS_FTP, which correspond to the four pieces of information specified on the "Putting your web pages on the LRS server" web page:

For Macintosh users, use "Fetch", a free FTP application from Dartmouth College

You can "download" a free copy of Fetch from:

The documentation is at:

Last updated: 15 July 1999