Putting your web pages on the LRS server

  1. Choose an FTP application (FTP=File Transfer Protocol, a standard way to transfer files over the Internet)

  2. To transfer your web page file:
    1. make a connection to the Internet, if you aren't already connected
    2. start up your FTP application
    3. "Open connection", supplying the following information:
      • Host: lrs.ed.uiuc.edu
      • User: YOUR-SERVER-NAME
      • Password: YOUR-SERVER-PASSWORD
      • Directory: students/YOUR-SERVER-FOLDER-NAME
        (on this LRS web server, your server name and your folder name is likely to be the same as your network-id)
    4. Transfer your web file from your local computer to the LRS server
      Depending on your FTP application, do one of these:
      • drag the file from the desktop of your local computer into the remote window of the FTP applicaton
      • drag the file from the local window to the remote window of the FTP application
      • select the file from the local window of the FTP application and click on the "->" button that points to the remote window
    5. you should soon see the file appear in the list of files on the remote computer (the LRS server)

  3. Warnings:
    1. be sure you are transferring in the right direction
    2. give a new unique name to each new file, since any files with the same names will overwrite another with the same name
    3. stick with lowercase letters
    4. don't use any punctuation except "-" and "_" (with "." before the "htm" or "html" extension
    5. don't use any spaces in your file names

  4. Standard working mode
Here's is a schematic view of this File Transfer Protocol process.

Last updated: 3 September 1999