UIUC On-Line registration via modem

Here are the steps to using on-line registration via dial-up:
  1. Establish a PPP or SLIP connection.
  2. Start NCSA Telnet and log onto your student account.
    1. Start the Telnet application (you may need to find it first - look in the Netscape folder inside the "Helper applications" folder).
    2. Select "Open" from the File menu
    3. Select and delete whatever text is in the "Host/session" box.
    4. In that Host box, type: students.uiuc.edu then click the Connect button.
    5. When you see "Login:", type your login account name
    6. When you see "Password:", type in your login password.
    7. If asked about "terminal type", just push the Return key.
  3. When you see the system prompt, type: register
  4. At this point, you should see the same registration screen as you would see if using an on-campus computer directly on the campus network.
  5. When all done, exit the registration program.
  6. At the prompt, type: logout
  7. Select "Quit" from the "File" menu.

Look at other "how to" documents on the LRS.
Last modified: 6 Nov 1995
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