Educational Network Project
Proposal Writing Assistant

This will help you write your project proposal message for your proposed educational network project. Enter as many of the fields below that are relevant for your project, then click on the "Write a draft proposal message" button. Modify the draft message to be more appropriate for your project. Then copy the text from the "message" field and paste it into the body of an email message. You may want to have other people look at your proposal before you post it widely.

Name of your project:

One sentence description of your project:

Two or so sentences about what a participant in your project would do:

Two or so sentences about the educational benefits or objectives of the project, especially the benefits for the other participants:

When will the project begin and approximately how long will it last?

Email address or URL where people can find more information about your project:

Your name:

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Last updated: 28 March 1998