Proposal Stage Planning Guide

Writing a proposal message

The key at this stage is to write a proposal that will attract the attention of the kinds of participants that you want.

Posting your proposal message

Next you want to send your proposal message to places that will be read by the kinds of people you want to participate in your project. Here are some suggestions of where you might want to send your message:

Recruiting participants.

You may be deluged with participants, which is a good problem to be faced with. Or you may not get any responses or just a few. This doesn't necessarily reflect badly on your project - you may just need to "recruit" a bit more actively. The key is to be persistent in recruiting enough participants to make your project a success.

Acknowledging participant responses

It is critical to send an acknowledgement message as soon as you receive a message from someone that they're interested in participating. If you don't, they won't be sure whether you got their message or whether you're really going ahead with the project, and so they'll wander off to other projects. So, before you send out your proposal message, you should already have a "acknowledgement" message ready to send, that contains these parts:

Building a participant list

You'll want to build some kind of electronic list of participants, so you can easily send out messages to everyone that wants to participate. There are several ways to do this:
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Last updated: 29 March 1998