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General Information on Autism
Autism Fact Sheet
Overview of Autism
The Autism Checklist
DSM IV Diagnostic Criteria for Autism
Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder
Recognizing the Child with Autism
Parents' Guide to Autism
The Autistic Child
What is Autism?
Autism - Fact Sheet by the National Autistic Society in UK
Autism - Autism Society of America
Request for Information
Biological Explanation for Autism
The Role of Neurotransmitters
Genes and Autism
Theory of Mind and Autism

National Associations
Autism Society of America
Society For The Autistically Handicapped
The National Autistic Society (UK)
Autism Society of Oregon (US)
American Association for Mental Retardation
Society for Auditory Integration Training (US)
Autism Society of Wisconsin Home page (US)
Autism Society of Alabama (US) 
The Dutch Autism Association
Danish Information Center on Autism
Society for Treatment of Autism (Canada)
The Association for the Neurologically Disabled of Canada (Canada)
The Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)
Autism Society Manitoba (Canada)
Saskatoon Society for Autism, Inc.(Canada)
Autism Society of British Columbia (Canada)

Neurological Reorganization as a Treatment for Autism

Delaware Autistic Program Home Page

NIMBUS - Program in Sweden
Sensory Integration International
Society for Auditory Integration Training
The Recovery Zone: Lovaas Program
Autism Behavior Therapy Alliance website
Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children - Division TEACCH (US)
Autistic Children's Activity Program
Option Institute: The Son-Rise Program (US)
The Childhood Learning Center (US)
The League Treatment Center (US)
Sensory Motor Instructional Leadership Experience (Canada)
The Hanen Learning Centre
The Nisonger Center

Support Groups
Our Kids - Raising Kids with Special Needs
Autism Society of America 
Advocates for Individuals with High Functioning Autism
All Lewisham Autism Support
Parents Helping Parents
Autism Homepage - with IRC interface
Parents Rearing and Educating Autistic Children in Christian Homes (PREACCH)
Independent Living on the Autistic Spectrum
Online Advocacy for Autistic Children
UK - Support Group Information
PEACH- London based parent support group
OAASIS -Telephone Hotline for Parents and Professionals
OSCA-Support group for Carers of Autism 
The Sibling Support Project


On Line Data Bases
AskERIC InfoGuide on AUTISM
Autism Resources Mental Health Net
Autism Research Database
CAN's References & Resources
CAN's Research Bibliography
MEDLINE Search on Asperger's Syndrome from PSYCOM.NET
Autismus-Literatur (German) from Autismus in Deutschland
UCDD Resource Library
Online Dictionary of Mental Health
Mental Health InfoSource 
World Internet Directory - Disabilities

Activity Related
Instructions on how to use these pictures to enhance motivation to communicate
The Moving Train
The Rotating Red Ball
The Flying Saucer
The Rotating Stars
The Moving Lips
The Landing Bird
Mousing Around

Related articles on teaching
Structured Teaching
Maximizing learning opportunities for children with autism
Incorporating positive reinforcement to teach appropriate behaviors

GIF Sites
Links to GIF sites - 1
Links to GIF sites - 2
Links to Animated GIF sites
Links to Animated GIF sites - 2
GIF site
Animal & Insects GIFs
Animal & Insects GIFs UK Site
Computer Animation
Sound Files

Future Horizons
Special Kids - makers of learning videos
Log It! - ABA / Autism Logging & Management Software
Autism Resources
Autism and Computer Related Equipment

Residential Facilities
 Wirral Autistic Society

Legal Rights for Children with Disabilities
Disabilities and Children : The Law
Educational Rights
The EdLaw Center

Other Resources
Autism Resource Connection
Special Education Resources
The Autism Link Page
Developmental Disability Links
AskERIC InfoGuide on AUTISM from AskERIC
Autism: Family Village
Developmental Delay Registry
Zero To Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families
The Unicorn Children's Foundation
Council  for Exceptional Children
Collection of Information on Lovaas' Research
Technology and the Deaf
Autism Network International
Autism Behavior Therapy Alliance website
An Asperger Syndrome and Autism Resource Web Site
Autism Resources in the US
Autism Resource Guide
Asperger's Syndrome Resources
The Autism Depot
Families for Early Autism Treatment - Online Newsletter
National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials - Autism Resources
Autism Resources (By State)
Illinois Center for Autism
Parents Helping Parents
Resources for the Disabled
Indiana Resource Center for Autism
Special Education Resources on the Internet
Special Needs Education Network
The Autism Channel Link
1000+ Asperger/Autism Web Refs
Autism - Information Sources
Asperger - Information Sources
Treatment Options
Review of Drug Intervention - Autism
Books, References, etc.
Autism Resource Guide
Published Medical Studies '68-'96
NIH Grant Studies '72-'96
NIH Clinical Neurogenetics
Autism & Home Ownership
School-To-Work Web Site
School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994
NIH Launches International Network On Autism


Links for Children and Teenagers
Berit's Sites for Children
Fun Stuff for Kids
Web page for Aspergers Teenagers and Young Adults

Bulletin Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
DejaNews (bit.listserv.autism)
The Autism News Group
Disabled Students' List
PAN-L, Parents Autistic Network List
InLv, International (English) and Dutch list
Jypsy's Autism related Electronic mailing lists
The Independent Living Mailing List
Info on French Autism mailing list
Info on e-mail discussion of Autism (France)
UK Autism Electronic Mailing List
Information On the Autism Chat Lines
24 Hours In Cyberspace Home Page
Info On Autism Chat Lines
Page of information on the pan-l support group
Autism Network International
Current Research new06.gif
Update on Research
Autism Research Institute Current Research
National Alliance for Autism Research
University of California, Santa Barbara - Grad Research
International Network of Autism
Asperger's Syndrome & High Functioning Individuals with Autism
Brain Research & Autism
Research on Interventions With Autistic Persons (UK)

Research Related
Autism Research (University of Rochester)
International Autistic Research Organization
Center for the Study of Autism
Autism Research Unit
National Institute of Health- Autism
Autism Research Institute
Cure Autism Now (CAN)
MedLine Search
National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR)
The Yale Child Study Center
Autism and Brain Development Research Laboratory
The Autism Research Foundation
Pediatric Psychopharmacology Autism
The Neurobiology of Infantile Autism
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes
Autism & Brain Development Research Lab

Conference & Events
Conference & Events update
Autism conferences and materials
Lists autism conference and videos
International Autism Day Status and Info

Products & Services
Adult Placement Services
Consultation Services for Persons with Special Needs
Log It! - ABA / Autism Logging & Managment Software
Dimensions - Speech, Language, Learning Services and Products
Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. (PECS)
Future Education
John Wobus' Links
Southpaw Enterprises

Other Links on Autism
Autism Resources: John Wobus' Database
Autism Resource Guide
Ilja Ruben Witsel's Autistic Bookmarks
Links to Autism Sites
World Links
Political Action and other resources in US

Related Disorders
Asperger's Disorder Homepage
Attention Deficit Disorder
Attention Deficit Disorder - Adults
Apraxia Web Site
Asperger Syndrome Resources
Hyperlexia Web Page
PDD Support Home Page
Rett Syndrome
Williams Syndrome


Book Recommendations

Real Life Stories
Autism Books and Publications
UC - Santa Barbara: Books on Autism

Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice
Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
American Journal of Mental Retardation
Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities


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