Progress Report 2

My proposal can be found here. To summarize, the project attempts to establish a comprehensive page of world wide web resources for autism and related matters. The target group is parents, caregivers, teachers and interested parties who are interested in furthering their knowledge on what is "out there" on the web. Essential organizations (at a national and state level), programs, facilities, general information, on-line data bases, mailing lists and research related information are provided together with GIF links and updates on conferences and events on autism. While this current web page has many links to other resources, it is not intended to be an exhaustive page of links.

Jimís suggestion to organize the links and put them on another page has been well taken. I have taken the suggestion to further organize my links and web pages to facilitate usage and enhance the connections amongst my web pages. I have set up a page which provides an overview of the links, which provides linkages to selected pages. I have also organized some of the headings into six basic headings: FAQ on autism (information on autism, data bases, other resources); Societies (National Associations, Programs, Residential Facilities); Support (Support groups, mailing lists);Research (research related matters, journals), Fun (GIFS, Links to GIFS, Games for Children and teenagers); Miscellaneous (Information on autistic-like disorders, services & products and audio visual materials). To facilitate browsing between pages, links to pages have been included at the end of these pages. A page of "all links" and selected links has been included as an option for individuals.

The question now is: how do I evaluate this web page ? What specific aspects of these web pages should I evaluate ? I am in the process of learning how to incorporate more complex feedback system that would send information and survey results to my email account.

Your suggestions, observations and comments would certainly be most welcome.