Links to AUTISM Resources

Case Studies of Children with autism
Overcoming Autism: A First-person Account

Support Groups
Our Kids - Raising Kids with Special Needs
Autism Society of America 
Advocates for Individuals with High Functioning Autism
All Lewisham Autism Support
Parents Helping Parents
Autism Homepage - with IRC interface
Parents Rearing and Educating Autistic Children in Christian Homes (PREACCH)
Independent Living on the Autistic Spectrum
Online Advocacy for Autistic Children
UK - Support Group Information
PEACH- London based parent support group
OAASIS -Telephone Hotline for Parents and Professionals
OSCA-Support group for Carers of Autism 
The Sibling Support Project

Bulletin, Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
DejaNews (bit.listserv.autism)
The Autism News Group
Disabled Students' List
PAN-L, Parents Autistic Network List
InLv, International (English) and Dutch list
Jypsy's Autism related Electronic mailing lists
The Independent Living Mailing List
Info on French Autism mailing list
Info on e-mail discussion of Autism (France)
UK Autism Electronic Mailing List
Information On the Autism Chat Lines
24 Hours In Cyberspace Home Page
Info On Autism Chat Lines
Page of information on the pan-l support group
Autism Network International

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