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    This web site designed by Sana' Alkhalaileh, who is an Ed.D. student at School of Art and Design/Department of Art Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). This web site aims to open a valuable link for art educators (staff or students) dealing with art education field through research or internet resources.

    This web site's materials were collected through my work at the Saturday School Project at the School of Art and Design. I observed children at the Kindergarten stage, and each semester I worked with the children on different projects, observing them, communicating with them, and finally, collecting their sketchbooks for analyses.

    I am looking forward to developing this web site in the future by taking EdPsy 490 class next semester at the Department of Education with Prof. Jim Levin, whom I worked with this past semester (Edpsy387/Fall 1997) to create this web site. Now, please have a close look to what I've done. I hope you will enjoy it and find it a helpful online site!

    If you are new viewer to this homepage, you may want to begin by visiting several links to my personal research, which you can visit through Case Studies below. As you become more familiar with the research ideas and information, you can visit the Student's Galleries #1 and #2. These folders contain most of the children's images that were included in this research and the case studies. Some images are missing, however, because the students completed their work after the end of the academic semester. I will soon add more published papers written by different art educators and researchers to my web site, which will provide extensive information about the field of Art Education.

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