The First Three Weeks:

    Rami (4 years old), was very busy drawing sequences of a story about the big war between the bougs (bad guys) who escaped from jail, and the nice guys (their captain's name was Rolf). He provided a lot of information about the figures and other symbols, and used accompanying sound effects (such as screams) as he drew (drawing with action). Rami used different colors in his drawings to distinguish between his symbols. I donít think he wanted to end his story, which may be a sign of his interest in telling stories. In the third week, he thought seriously about putting an end to his long story. He asked the director (Dr. Christina Thompson): How I can write "the end"? When she began to give him the letters, Rami wrote them directly, letter by letter. Suddenly he stopped. (THEN-Ill. 8), I think he was confused by letter "E" which the director repeated for him. Also he had limited space for his letters.

    I thought that he would begin his new drawing in the third week with a different subject, but he again continued his seemingly endless story. I told him at that time: Rami, I think you already have the end for your story. Do you remember when you asked Tina about the words? He shook his head, and told me that the story was still unfinished because there is another big war between the nice guys (who are wearing the black mask), and bad guys  (Ills. 13 and 14). As I mentioned before, children love to tell stories and it is an important method for assigning meanings to their symbols.

Fourth and Fifth Week:

    As in the last three weeks Rami continued his sequence, telling us stories about the war between bad guys and nice guys. He always drew his figures and symbols using loud voices and different movements to demonstrate the actions of his figures. He used color as a way to distinguish between his figures, but without realistic values. He liked to draw stories about the space and the galaxy, as well as creating imaginative stories based on movies he had seen  (see ills. 21, 25, 26 and others).

    Sometimes Rami likes to write his ideas or movie names. He came to me last week asking how to spell "Mars Attack movie." As I spelled it for him, he began writing it on one of the blank pages. Afterward he played his favorite game, ("guess what?") where we (me and his teacher) must guess what he is drawing each time! Human figures now have additional details; for instance, he drew the legs with a shoe in ill. 26. Rami sometimes liked to use only one color to draw some of his illustrations (as seen in ills. 25, 26 and others).

Sixth and Seventh Week:

    Throughout these two weeks Rami continued his previous story. The most recognizable thing about his new drawings  (ills. 30 and 31), is that they lost many details compared to his previous ones. Perhaps because he kept drawing the same story repeatedly he does not have as much to add as he did before.

    Sometimes Rami added some random lines to his drawings, just to experiment with the new crayons introduced in the class during this period (see ill. 29).

Eighth and Ninth Week:

    Rami finished his story by the end of the seventh week and began a new one during the last two weeks. This story was about a big fight between the dinosaurs (although sometimes he returns to his first story while drawing his new one). Rami always used many colors in his drawings, and he repeated them the same way in his series as a central way to distinguish between his figures, and also to show us details in his story, as seen in ills. 38, 39 and 40 of week eight, and ills. 41 and 42 of the ninth week.

    Almost the same characteristics continue here with Rami's new drawings as in the previous ones.

P.S. If you like to see more of Rami's images,make links to the following ones: 5a, 5b, and his sketchbook cover.

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