Sketchbook Center's Main Theme

    The sketchbook center features artwork done by the Saturday School students. Every semester, each Saturday School student is given a clean, new sketchbook to use each time they come to class, in which they may draw anything they desire. Because many of the students will meet at Saturday School for the first time and they are somewhat apprehensive, this time gives them a chance to socialize, to "warm-up" their hands and fingers, and most importantly, to express themselves freely.

    From these drawings art educators can learn so much about the students' school and home, as well as their wonderful imagination. Graduate students and faculty often study the sketchbooks and use them in their research. All parents of the students sign an agreement that allows the sketchbooks to be used for research.  Usually the art is copied and the books returned to the student at the end of the semester. The students are proud of their sketchbooks, and often wish to talk about their art to their teachers and their parents. Now, take a close look at their wonderful works of art!!!... studies