Progress report

(as of Nov. 21st, 1997)

So far for my project, I have identified some of the areas that I am going to address. I have done an extensive Web-search for hindi and I have collected a lot of resources according to the areas I have identified in my project page. It has been an exciting experience for me. There are many of sites available on Hindi but they are all scattered and unorganized. Also, there is hardly any site dedicated entirely to the learning/teaching of Hindi. I found out that there are computer sofware available in the marker (like 'akshara animation') that facilitate teaching/learning of Hindi. My next job for this project will be to organize these resources. I also found out that there is a Novanet program in Hindi is available at the University of Illinois. But I am not too sure about suing it for my project.

(modified on Dec. 2, 1997)

I am very exited about my project and I am having fun doing it. After gathering all the information and resources, I actually started working on my project. So far, I have finished talking about the evolution of Hindi language/literature, the development of the Devanagari script and the constitutional status of Hindi in India. Right now I am working on Hindi alphabet and with the help of pictures, diagrams etc. I am trying to explain Hindi sounds and how they are diffrent from English. I am also describing, in brief, the idiosyncrasies of Hindi grammar. Though I originally thought of making a complete course packet for the beginers' level Hindi learners, I found out that the amount of work and time required was much beyond the scope of a one semester course.