Activity 2E
C&I 335
Summer, 1998

Sue Bogren
Urbana Middle School
Urbana, IL 61801

Urbana Middle School has a large collection of instructional software and CD's which are all cataloged with annotated listings through our library automated catalog. The automated catalog is accessible on every macintosh in our building over our LAN. Therefore, our CTER team has chosen several software titles from this list that we envision using in our summer project development and implementation.

Adobe Premiere Version 4.2 (Adobe)

Software package designed to produce desktop video, to edit video and to create QuickTime movies for presentations and web pages

Adobe Photoshop Version 4.01 (Adobe)

Software package for digital image editing including built-in painting, editing, and color-correction tools that allow retouching scanned photographs, editing images, and creating artwork and special effects.

Eye Candy Version 3.0 (Alien Skin Software)

Photoshop filters that take the drudgery out of creativity.

QuickTime VR Authoring Studio Version 1.0 (Apple Computer)

QuickTime VR Authoring Studio is a set of QuickTime virtual reality (QTVR) authoring tools that let you create panoramas, objects, and scenes, and manage QTVR projects.

ClarisWorks 5.0 (Claris Corporation)

ClarisWorks is an all-in-one software package offering seamless integration of word processing, outlining, presentations, drawing, painting, spreadsheet computation and charting, database management, and communications, including support for HTML and linking to the Internet.

CA-Cricket Graph III (Computer Associates)

CA-Cricket Graph III is a powerful graphing application capable of creating 10 different graph types. All graph components including tick labels, plot elements, plot frames and hundreds of other elements are easily modified.

Inspiration Version 4.1 (Inspiration Software)

A visual idea development tool for developing ideas and plans. It fully integrates an easy to use diagram view and an outline view.

ArcView GIS Version 3.0 (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.)

Geographic Information System software for desktop GIS and mapping. ArcView gives the power to visualize, explore, query, and analyze data geographically.

Timeliner Version 4.0 (Tom Snyder Productions)

Easy to use tool to create and print time lines. Allows importing of graphics and merging two timelines together.

Morph Version 2.0 (Gryphon)

Software which allows user to smoothly transform two images or movies into each other, creating QuickTime movies, PICTS animations, and still images.

Geometer's Sketchpad Version 3.05N (Key Curriculum Press)

A dynamic geometry construction and exploration tool. Students can draw objects then experience their dynamic aspects by dragging the object with the mouse while preserving all geometrical relationships. Encourages a process of discovery in which students first visualize and analyze a problem, then make conjectures before attempting a proof.

Adobe PageMill 1.0 (Adobe)

FrontPage 1.0 (Microsoft)

Claris HomePage 2.0 (Claris)

Software tools to create web pages with writing HTML.

Internet Utilities Folder: Each networked Macintosh computer at UMS has a suite of Intenet Utilties software including the following titles:

BB Edit Lite 2.3.1
Disk Copy 6.1.2
Eudora Light
Fetch 3.0.3
JPEGView 3.2.1
Movie Converter
Movie Player 2.5.1
SoundApp 2.4.4
Stuffit Expander 4.0.2
Telnet 2.6
Transparency 1.0
WebMap 2.0b9f
Netscape 4.0


Computer Lab: 30 Power Macintosh 5500/225 computers, one Power Macintosh 6500/250AV computer, one Apple Color OneScanner 600/27, one Umax Asta 1200 color scanner, one Videolabs FlexCam, two Apple QuickTake 150 digital cameras with tripod and KaiDan mount, one Kodak DC50 digital camera, two Apple laser printers, two Apple color ink jet printers, one external zip drive, one Sony Handycan Video 8 camera.

Library: 9 station Macintosh LC580 mini lab with HP Laser Printer, six on-line catalog search stations.

Classrooms: Approximately 50 networked Macintosh computers ranging from LC580 to 5500/225 and 20 older Macs including MacII, MacSE and MacLCII.

For a current list of district resources, please check the site of Jim Peterson, our Urbana #116 District Technology Coordinator.

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