Activity 3B
C&I 335
Summer, 1998

Sue Bogren
Urbana Middle School
Urbana, IL 61801

Emerging Technologies


HyperStudio is a multimedia authoring system that allows the consumer to gather data from the Internet, create and edit QuickTime movies, capture images, take material from Mac to Windows or Windows to Mac, and add graphics and sound to files. Hyperstudio bills itself as an application that can be used by businesses to create interactive training presentations, in schools to prepare multimedia presentations and reports, and at home to create projects that integrate text, sound, and images.

In a school setting HyperStudio can be used by faculty to create presentations for lessons that make use of information found on the Internet or in CD-ROMS. By incorporating sound, images, and animations teachers can make presentations which are interesting and memorable. Allowing students to use this technology to do reports requires them to manipulate the material which maximizes their engagement with the lesson and increases their learning. To see examples of work created by and for students in schools around the county, visit the education link at the HyperStudio site.

You can order your own copy of HyperStudio from the HyperStudio site.

  • $199.95 for a single copy with price breaks for multiple copies
  • Mac version requires System 7.1 or higher, 4MB free RAM, a CD-ROM recommended
  • PC version requires 386 DX or higher, 8MB free RAM, Windows 3.1 or higher and a Sound Blaster or comparable card

    FileMaker Pro 4.0

    FileMaker Pro is an application that manages database information on either Mac or Windows systems. This new version has features that allow an author to search, edit, delete and update data from the Internet through either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Included are HTML templates that allow the author to add GIF images and animations, JPEG images, QuickTime movies, or Java. Claris Home Page 3.0, which must be purchased separately, is the recommended connection between Web pages and FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Pro has built-in HTTP support and doesn't need additional Common Gateway Interface or CGI software. Another of the data management features is the set of calculation functions that allow for data to be entered automatically, validated, and analyzed. The author can customize the appearance and operation of her files or automate routine tasks.

    Educators could use FileMaker Pro to create their own data bases - directly from Excel spreadsheets if they were using that application - for students to use. Students could use FileMaker to capture data directly from the Internet to use for research projects.

    Claris recently changed its name to FileMaker which may cause some confusion when trying to access information. FileMaker Pro 4.0 can be purchased at the FileMaker or the Claris sites for

  • $199.00 for a single copy
  • Either a Mac or Window Version
  • Claris HomePage for $99.00
  • Either a Mac or Window Version


    JavaScript is an authoring language that can be enbedded into the header of an HTML document to enhance web pages. It is object-based which means that chunks of data are embedded as a single object that is interpreted by Netscape. These objects allow the author to add features that perform calculations, write interactive activities, customize graphics, or add security passwords. JavaScript's homepage has many scripts that can be used by individuals on their pages. There are also links to other sites that make their scripts available for use. A tutorial for the "Total Non-Programmer" is available from the Webteacher. This site has easy to understand language for the beginner.

    Java Applets

    Applets are Java programs that run in web pages. Because Java is a complex programming language, most educators will not write their own Java programs. Instead educators and students will import applets written by others and made available through the Internet to add multimedia features to their web pages.

    As mentioned in our class material Educational Object Economy is a site that provides links to many different kinds of applets. The EOE site includes an applet of the week and an archive that allows readers to easily find an applet suitable for a specific application. Sun Microsystems, the originator of Java, has an applet site that offers free applets as well as instructions for putting applets into HTML documents. MediaBuilder is another site that has an extensive graphic library that offers free applets for adding banners, images, and animations. This site has easy directions for capturing and using the applets with either Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher.

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