About Antarctica is a learner-centered instructional guide to the beauty and wonder of the world's last continent. Through the use of animation, video and photographic images, text from Antarctic experts, and activities providing immediate learner feedback, About Antarctica takes a truly multimedia, interactive approach to Web-based instruction.

About Antarctica is organized into three sessions. The sessions are designed to be read in succession, although they should be equally effective in any order.

session 1 logoSession One addresses the development and environment of the continent itself. It includes sections on: Plate Tectonics, Topography, Weather Patterns, Ice Coverage and Movement, Global Warming and Ozone Depletion, and Antarctic Research. A review activity and user response form also are included.

session 2 logoSession Two focuses on life on land. This session is broken into two parts. The first section features seals, their unique traits, breeding and feeding patterns. The second section focuses on penguins and their unique abilities and adaptations. A review activity and user response form also are included.

About Antarctica is pleased to be a part of the Live From Antarctica 2 project. Live From Antarctica 2 is a Passport to Knowledge project supported in part by the National Science Foundation and the Office of Polar Programs, with satellite telecommunications made possible by NASA's ACTS Satellite Experiments Program. The on-line and live video portions of the field trip are partially underwritten by NASA and NSF and are free to educators.

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