Creating a Personal Water Usage Usage Spreadsheet in ClarisWorks

Open ClarisWorks and choose Spreadsheet

  1. In cells A1 - A7 enter each category of water use from your chart.
  2. In cells B1 - B7 enter your quantity numbers.
  3. In cell C1 calculate your total for flushing the toilet by typing =4*B1 (the equals sign tells the spreadsheet to perform a calculation, the * means to multiply)
  4. Use this formula pattern to calculate totals for the next six categories
  5. Now compute your total water use for 24 hours.
  6. Save your spreadsheet on your floppy as wateruse.
  7. Designate which cells you want to print by clicking in cell A1 and dragging to cell C8. Under the Options menu choose Select Print Range and click OK. Now go to the File menu and print one copy.

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