Creating a Scatter Graph in ClarisWorks

Open ClarisWorks and choose Spreadsheet

  1. Click in cell A1 and type a title for the chart. Press return.
  2. In Column A type names for each trial (first, second, ... or Trial 1, Trial 2, ...)
  3. In Cell B1 type a label for your numerical data (Drops of Water, Number of Drops, ...)
  4. In Column B record your numeric data
  5. Select all cells with data by clicking in Cell A1 and dragging to the bottom right.
  6. Under the Option menu choose Make Chart. Choose Scatter and remove the color check. After clicking OK your graph should look something like this:

  7. You may now modify your chart to make it easier to read and interpret. For example: Change the y-axis to begin numbering at 0 by double clicking on it and setting a minimum and maximum.

    Change the symbol by double clicking on the legend symbol. Experiment with other changes.
  8. When you are finished, save your document on your disk.