Macroinvertebrate Identification

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SOWBUGS (Class Crustacea, Order Isopoda)
Sowbugs are crustaceans and are the aquatic relatives to the land dwelling pillbug. Their bodies are flat and are distinctly segmented. There is one pair of legs per body segment, except for the head which bears antennae. Live sowbugs will be brownish in the field, but tend to change to gray brown after preservation. Like other macroinvertebrates, sowbugs may also curl up after preservation.
Sowbugs can be found in a variety of habitats but are often found among rocks and debris in streams.

BODY LENGTH: 5mm to 22mm

STONEFLY LARVAE STONEFLIES (Class Insecta, Family Plecoptera)
Stonefly larvae are the least tolerant of organic stream pollution compared to all other stream quality indicators. Stonefly larvae are recognized by having six legs, two tails, two sets of wing pads, and two claws on each foot. Stonefly larvae are heavier bodied than mayfly larvae. Gills are commonly found at the base of each leg resembling "hairy arm pits". Gills can also be found on mouth parts and on the abdomen. Stoneflies can be found crawling or hiding along stream banks and among stones in streams hence the name stonefly.

BODY LENGTH: 5mm to 35mm

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