Creating a Slide Show - Draw

Follow these steps to create a slide show in ClarisWorks drawing program.

  • Open a new draw document
  • Choose Page Setup from the File menu and set the document to landscape mode by clicking on the "sideways" man icon
  • Set the number of slides for the show: choose Document from the Format menu. Change the pages across and the pages down so the product of the two numbers equals the total.
    For example: If the total slides is 10, the pages across could be 5 and the pages down could be 2.
    In the slide show, the pages are displayed across and then down.
  • Choose Page View from the Windows menu
  • Create each page of the slide show using the word processing tool and graphics.
HINT: To view all the slides, reduce the page size to 25% using the "small mountain" tool in the lower left corner of the window.
  • Remember to save your work often

Extras for Experts: Creating a Master Page

Everything placed on the Master Page shows up on EVERY slide of your slide show. Use the master page to place a border on every slide or to add a logo or other relevant information.
When you are finished, toggle back to your slides by choosing Edit Master Page from the Options menu one more time.

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