Exercise #2 -- Coherence and Unity: Part (a)

Decide which transitions to use from the list below the paragraph. Type your answers in the box inside the paragraph. Click on the "Check Your Answer" button to check your work. Next, click Reset to try another transition. Then, click on "Next sentence" below to continue finishing the paragraph.

 Another reason is that
For example
On the other hand
One reason is that 
The best choice

      There are three major airports near Washington, D.C., but the traveller to Washington should be careful about which one he or she chooses.    Baltimore-Washington International Airport, which is located near the city of Baltimore, is a good international airport. _________ it is not the best choice for a traveller who wants to visit Washington. _________ it is relatively far from the city of Washington itself. _________ a passenger bus trip between Baltimore and Washington is somewhat expensive. Dulles International Airport is a slightly better choice, since it is located closer to the city. _________ if a traveller arrives in the early evening, he or she will encounter rush-hour traffic, which is not a good way to begin a trip to the city. _________ may be Washington-Reagan National Airport.  There are two reasons for this. _________ this airport is the closest to the city. _________ it is located on the Metro train system, which is a convenient method of transportation, allowing a traveller to travel almost anywhere he or she likes in the city of Washington.

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