Comparison and Contrast: Exercise #1

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In the paragraph type an appropriate conjunction from those shown below. Check your answer. Then click on Reset and try another conjunction. Finally, click on Next to continue finishing the paragraph.

      however       likewise       another difference       similarly       whereas       also       while        but        on the other hand

      Even though Arizona and Rhode Island are both states of the U.S., they are different in many ways. For example, the physical size of each state is different. Arizona is large, having an area of 114,000 square miles, Rhode Island is only about a tenth the size, having an area of only 1,214 square miles.   ___________   is in the size of the population of each state. Arizona has about four million people living in it,    ___________    Rhode Island has less than one million. The two states also differ in the kinds of natural environments that each has. For example, Arizona is a very dry state, consisting of large desert areas that do not receive much rainfall every year.   ___________   Rhode Island is located in a temperate zone and receives an average of 44 inches of rain per year. In addition,  ___________   Arizona is a landlocked state and thus has no seashore, Rhode Island lies on the Atlantic Ocean and does have a significant coastline.

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