Comparison and Contrast: Exercise #4(b)

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In the paragraph type an appropriate conjunction from those shown below. Check your answer. Then click on Reset and try another conjunction. Finally, click on Next to finish the paragraph.
in the same way       likewise      another similarity      similarly      whereas      too 
while       both       however 

      Even though we come from different cultures, my wife and I are alike in several ways. For one thing, we are both thirty-two years old. In fact, our birthdays are in the same month, hers on July 10 and mine on July 20. Another similarity is that we both grew up in large cities. Helene was born and raised in Paris and I come from Yokohama. Third, our hobbies are alike too. My wife devotes a lot of her free time to playing jazz piano. I like to spend time after work strumming my guitar. A more important similarity concerns our values. For example, Helene has strong opinions about educating our children and raising them to know right from wrong. I feel _________. Our children should receive a good education and also have strong moral training.

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