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Questionnaire for TOEFL-Prep Writing Students

Please take a few minutes to think about and answer the following questions. Your answers will greatly help me improve the IEI TOEFL Writing class for next semester. Thank you!
Note:   You may send me your answers via e-mail, either as an attachment or by typing directly into your e-mail window and sending it to
    1. Do you feel that the online lessons helped you improve your English essay writing?
    2. Were the lesson webpages easy to use?   If not, why not?
    3. Were the interactive exercises useful? (That is, the exercises in Lesson 2, Lesson 4 and 
    4. also Lesson 5?)   Why or why not?
    5. How might the online writing lessons be improved?
Thank you.   I have very much enjoyed working with you this semester, both in the classroom and online.   Good luck to you!

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