Finding Errors in Cause/Effect Paragraphs: Exercise #2a

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Read the paragraph below.   Click on the button which contains an error in the use of cause/effect conjunctions.

      There are several possible reasons why my father is in excellent health, even though he is over eighty years of age. For one thing, he is in excellent condition he has stopped smoking cigarettes. He quit smoking cigarettes whenever he climbed stairs he would invariably stop several times and cough loudly. His good health is also his cutting down on the wrong kinds of foods. For example, whereas before he would eat fatty red meat and deep-fried dishes several times a week, nowadays he seldom does so. He has more energy   He is also in good physical shape his devotion to exercise. He swims three times a week at the local gym, and on sunny days he prefers to walk home rather than take the bus. my father is in better shape than some of his children are!

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