Introduction to the IEI TOEFL-prep Writing Project
Welcome!   The Intensive English Institute is developing online lessons for IEI TOEFL Elective students.   However, we need your help in telling us whether these online lessons are useful to you.

The plan is this:   On the web site there are four short online lessons, each with a short lecture and exercises.   You may choose whichever lesson that you feel will help you.  You can do these lessons out of class, and e-mail your homework to me at a day or two later.  These lessons are not required for our IEI TOEFL class; you can choose either to do them or not do them.  (Note: You will need Netscape to do the exercises.)

Also, at the end of our TOEFL elective class, I will ask you fill out a short, anonymous questionnaire telling me your opinions on the TOEFL-prep Writing lessons.   As I receive your e-mailed homework, I will check it and send feedback to you, telling you what you did correctly and incorrectly.   This is intended to help you learn about English essay writing and also to help you prepare for the TOEFL.

Later, after I read your homework and opinions, I will write a short report about this project. Copies of this report will be sent to my IEI supervisor and to one of my professors in a class I am taking, Educational Psychology 490, "Analysis of Advanced Instructional Technologies."   (Note: In all of these reports, your names will NOT be mentioned.)   Finally, I will publish a copy of this report on my personal U of I homepage.   I will e-mail all of you when the report is ready so that you can read it if you are interested.

Thank you for participating in this project!   If you wish to participate, please click here to go to the IEI Online TOEFL-prep Writing lessons.  Enjoy!