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Here are some of the most relevant links to courses, dictionaries, grammar, interesting links, information and history of the country, maps about different areas, music, all news and magazines on the Web, general learning resources, passages in Spanish, travelling tips and basic travelling language.

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Music News and Mags Resources Spanish texts Travelling

  • Courses
  • "El profesor de espanol". An advertisement with demo.

    A list of Spanish courses on the Internet.

    "Espanol interactivo en Valencia". A course in Spanish.

    An accelerated reading course.

    Spanish lessons with sound . Although this is an interesting effort it is much too simple and traditionally minded.

    Spanish immersion. Courses in Latin America.

    Computer courseware for Spanish

  • Dictionaries
  • A dictionary of Mexican "picardia" . A dictionary Spanish-English and vice versa.

    A simple dictionary .

    Translation Programs and Dictionaries

    All kinds of encyclopaedias and dictionaries with relevant information.

    Diccionario espanol

    Diccionario con terminos de computacion

    Spanish dictionaries

    A Castilian dictionary, NOT found

    Spanish dictionary

  • Grammar
  • A verb conjugator with a wide list of verbs. Very useful.

    A Spanish grammar.

    Ortografia del espanol, gramatica

    Overview of Spanish, morphology, phonology and spoken Spanish

    Universal survey of languages, a collaborative project about various languages, sources on phonology and morphology having sound as a focus

    Yet another Grammar

  • History
  • "Historia de la lengua espanola". History of Spanish in Spanish.

    History and prehistory of Spanish peoples.

    A history of Spain and the various peoples that populated it.

    Bullfighting in Spanish.

  • Information
  • Spanish speaking countries of Latin America. General and interesting information

    Art ,culture and all kinds of information about Mexico in Spanish. Interesting with attractive pictures.

    Mexico city subway. Information

    Art , culture and all kinds of information about Peru. Spanish and English version. Very attractive site. Audible folklore music.

    All kinds of interesting and relevant information about Chile. Interesting and with pictures.

    All kinds of information about Ecuador. Very interesting.

    All kinds of information about Colombia.

    All kinds of information about Bolivia.

    Art, culture and general information about Argentina

    All kinds of information about Spain.

    General information and culture plus papers in Spanish.

    A site for hispanists with lots of interesting information.

    Information. Spanish dogs breeds

    Spain according to the CIA. Information

  • Links
  • Webcrawler for Spanish. A good searching engine.

    Webcrawler for Spanish resources search

    Cultures search

    Sistema de busquedas en espanol

    Busqueda en espanol, Lengua

    Spain internet resources

    Entrada a Espana, con toda la info. sobre bibliotecas, educacion, instituciones educacionales, universities

    Biblioteca Virtual, con info sobre la Internet,

    Page in Spanish for searching colourful sites on the web

    Here you can find links to 8 countries in LA, plus maps and information relevant for travellers and tourists.

    "El mundo latino" centre for Latino culture in Spanish

    Links to all Spanish Universities

    Spanish Universities

    Spanish Web links

    A list of personal pages in Spanish.

    Site to put people in touch with others and lots of other Spanish things. Students have to read the documents carefully before taking classes here.

    University of Murcia
    Interactive map aqui estan los E-mails

    E-Mail addresses

    Ministerio de cultura

    Biblioteca Nacional de Espana

    San Lorenzo del Escorial, lugar interesante

    El legado Andalusi (WRONG)

    El proyecto Gutenberg

  • Maps
  • A graphic interactive map for all Spanish Internet resources. Very useful.

    Attractive maps of Spain and cultural information

  • Music
  • Rock Music in Spanish.

    Music in Spanish

    Music.Argentinian tangoes. No sound just text

    Modern music in Spanish

    Popular music in Spanish

    "La factoria del ritmo". Spanish music magazine in Spanish.

    More Spanish music

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • SPAIN Spain papers with a brief description

    A Web magazine Web in Spain with articles, interviews and so on.

    "El Mundo", Spanish paper

    Hace 100 anos, news in Spanish about what happened this day 100 years ago.

    Newspapers and magazines in Spanish and other languages

    "ABC electronico". Spanish magazine. miembro

    List of Spanish newspapers on the Web

    All Spanish papers

    ABC , Madrid

    Canarias 7

    El Comercio de Asturias

    El Diario Vasco de San Sebastian

    Espana hoy, de los alumnos de la Complutense, Madrid

    El Mundo

    La Revista , Suplemento dominical de El Mundo (BUENA)

    Magazine in Spanish. Really interesting articles.

    La Vanguardia de Barcelona

    La Voz, diario de Lanzarote

    AS, deportes

    Melibea, revista cultural

    Ekiosk, revista to download

    Latin and South America

    ARGENTINA, LA NACION, with a brief description, in SpanISH

    Mexico in gral with description

    Mexico El diario de Yucatan, with description

    El economista

    El salvador, El diario de hoy

    El nacional

    El norte and Reforma


    Mexican newspapers

    El panama america

    La prensa


    La republica

    El observador

    diario de noticias

    El nacional

    Agencia estado or

    Folha de Sao Paulo

    Journal do Brasil

    O estado de Sao Paulo

    O globo

    Zero hora

    Costa Rica

    Dominican Republic


  • General Resources
  • Language resource Center

    Collections of language resources

    Newspapers Online

    Archivo general de Indias

    IBM scripts in all languages.

    Resources in national languages

    University of Sussex Spanish resources. Interesting to look at and compare.

    Bilingual Spanish/English resources on the Web>

    Interesting Spanish resources

    Spanish teaching resources

    Resources."Somos todos hermanos". A collaborative project.

    Resources.Art and literature in Spanish

    Food in Spanish

    Mexican cuisine

    Mexican cartoons. Latino culture

    My pages


    Mundo hispano, an American school project in English

    Mexican photos and captions in English

    Other photos with Spanish captions

    "Como se dice", Let's help each other learn Spanish .

    Some language learning software

    Another language resource center


  • Texts in Spanish
  • Main Spanish speaking writers.Pages with biography, photos, interviews.

    "Cuentos de Ika". Children stories in Spanish written by Ika with beautiful pictures.

    Story called "El robo de los colores"

    Story called "El bichito luminoso"

    Materials in English and Spanish.

    "Bienvenido a Si Espana". From Ottawa, dual reading passages.

    "La ciudad de Cordoba". An attractive passage in Spanish with pictures and interesting links.

    TECLA. Birckbeck's Online project for Spanish. A very simple text magazine in Spanish.

    TECLA also in USA. Simple texts with behaviorist type exercises in Spanish. No interaction with the reader.

    "La clase magica". Pages like lessons by children in Spanish and English
    ,A HREF="">

    El proyecto Cervantes, pasajes en espanol, difusion de literatura

    Cuentos infantiles, del Peru

    Recursos para el espanol

    The military language resource for Spanish

  • Travelling
  • An interesting site for travellers. Lots of relevant info.

    All kinds of tips for travelling in Spain.

    Spanish for travellers with basic vocabulary.

    Spanish for travellers with basic vocabulary and expressions. A source for FL materials.

    Basic Spanish for travellers

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