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Mansaf is the traditional dish in Jordan. Mansaf It is the traditional dish in Jordan. It is very delicious.


  • Meat (most of the time it is a lamp meat)
  • Rice
  • Hard yogurt is preferred but liquid yogurt is fine too.
  • Snoober
  • Butter
  • vegetable oil.
  • rice
  • Rice color (optional)


  • Boil the meat until it is almost done.
  • Soak the rice in hot water .
  • If you have a hard yogurt you would soak it in hot water for at least 3 hours.
  • Use the blender or your hands to soften the hard yogurt and make it liquid.
  • If you have liquid yogurt, use the blender to liquefy it more.
  • Put the liquefied yogurt on a pot and put it on the stove on high temperature.
  • Keep stirring it until it boils.
  • Lower down the temperature of the stove.
  • leave it boiling for at least an hour or so.

    Now that you are done with the soup, you have to do the rice.

  • Cook the rice as directed on the rice package.

    To prepare the Snoober, Fry it in vegetable oil. Warning: it has to be light brown so do not start doing it until after you prepared the bed of rice and meat. Be very quick and use low temperature stove to accomplish this goal.


    The mansaf is served hot. The rice is served on a plate , the meat is on the top and the Snoober is on the top of that. Most of the people, especially men use their hands to eat it. It is considered the best dish in Jordan.

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    Last updated: 20 November 1996