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First Grade label with pencil

I teach first grade at Ridgely Elementary School in Springfield School District #186.
I enjoy spending time with my husband, Rick, and daughter, Nikole. My educational goal is to assist other teachers to become more comfortable integrating technology into their curriculum.

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            C & I 335
            Major Project - Multimedia Millennium Memories Electronic Scrapbook

    EdPsy 398OL
       Major Project - Evaluation of Bloomington School District InTech Program

    EdPsy 490NET
       Major Project - Networking Handbook

    EdPsy 490TER
       Major Project - Units of Practice for Language Arts Curriculum

       Focus Paper - Shortage of Elementary Librarians/Media Specialists

    EdPsy 399OL
       Final Written Assigments
       Major Project - Classroom Management Plan (Theories, Classroom Management PowerPoint Presentations, and Classroom Meeting QuickTime movie)

    EdPsy 490I
       Major Project - Virtual Field Trip of the Solar System

Email: Jennhabs@aol.com
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