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Last Updated: July 23, 2002

Gillet, Pennsylvania

By Matt


Gillet, pronounced Jillit, is a very small town of about 220 people near the northern border of Pennsylvania.The only information we could find on the Internet about this town was the school address and phone number, a blueberry farm phone number, and a Bed and Breakfast listing.My mom called the school, a realtor, and post office to get information for me.Gillet has a store, a bank and a post office.It is in Bradford county which is part of the Endless Mountains area. The lady at the post office said Gillet is very rural and covers a widespread area.The courthouse for the county is in Towanda, PA.The lady at the school guessed that even though the schoolís address is Gillet that the prices for the Global Grocery List may have come from a store in Troy, PA.

I think that prices in Gillet will be higher than in Neoga because it is in a tourist area and close to New York.

The red star just below the border is Gillet.


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