guitarist pictureRock, Rap'n Roll

Rock Rap'n Roll is a multimedia computer simulation distributed by Silver Burdett & Ginn. It is designed to introduce the student to the manipulation of musical elements within a number of popular music styles.

Each style presents a number of sound loops that can be strung together to design longer pieces of music. The students can control the order of these loops to develop the form of a composition. After the sequence of accompaniment is set, the user can control sound bytes to improvise solos overtop of the accompaniment.

This program does not fit neatly into the Bruce and Levin taxonomy. It falls under several categories:

A. Media for Inquiry

First, the software provides an environment for exploration and simulation within the sounds of specific musical styles such as reggae, blues, rock, latin, rap, swing, and several others.

Second, the user is connected to a database of musical sound bytes in the form of short, "constructable" wave files.

B. Media for Communication

Third, the program is a simulation of the musical practices of composition and improvisation. While the student need not know how to play the notes on a specific instrument they are making decisions about musical form, and timbre.

D. Media for Expression

Fourth, and perhaps most obvious is music making and accompaniment. There is no musical notation involved, but the student is making the some of the same decisions a composer or arranger would in creating a real musical composition.

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