You and your team will work together to complete the questions on this website and the trivia sheet. Your answers are to be presented in a power point presentation. You will choose how you want to present your information. You must include the six questions following these directions, including an illustration of the life of a drop of water. Instructions on completing the Power Point Presentation will be given to the whole class in a few days. Good luck and have fun!


1. Illustrate the life of a water drop. You may want to start with a dinosaur drinking water!

2. How much water is on earth? How much of that water is usable for drinking water?

3. What kinds of pollution cause acid rain? Brainstorm with your group and come up with a list of ways you can help prevent acid rain. Include your list in your Power Point.

4. What is an aquifer? Describe several ways (at least 3) that humans pollute aquifers. Include your definition and ways they are polluted in your Power Point.

5. Describe how water is treated for use by humans. What are the different ways water is used in the United States?

6. What effects does urbanization have on our water system?

7. What is storm water? How does it become polluted?


You will also be responsible for completing a water trivia worksheet, a wordsearch, and a word scramble. These three things need to be turned in.