Beginning Spanish Tutorial
For the Average Traveler

    Bienvenidos! Welcome! This tutorial is designed for English-speaking adults who wish to learn the Spanish language for travel purposes. This tutorial is for the beginner who has little or no prior knowledge of the Spanish language. Research on adult education and language instruction recommends engaging repetition, interaction, and real-life experience as a good way of learning a language. Therefore, this site consists of various lessons and interactive activities that present one set of common vocabulary words and phrases in order to provide practice for thorough comprehension. For more information on the research behind this tutorial, please see the Research Paper.
    The tutorial follows a recommended path for beginners (simply follow the arrows ), however the option to skip or return to different pages is available. An online dictionary is available at any time throughout the tutorial, simply click on the icon and enter the requested word. Also, an evaluation form is provided at the end of the lesson. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated for further research and improvement to this tutorial. Thank you for your participation! Let's Begin.

Developed by Jennifer Kozenski
EDPSY 490I Analysis of Advanced Instructional Technologies
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign