The Pacific Rim 



















This is a map of the world’s volcanoes.  Many volcanoes occur in the oceans and throughout southern Europe and Africa.   If you look closely at the may, you can also see that there are many  volcanoes in the area around the Pacific Ocean, from Alaska all the way down to South America, then across the ocean to the islands near Australia and up to Russia.  Because these volcanoes are all circled  around the Pacific Ocean they are called the Pacific Ring of Fire.








In this unit learners will use a geographic perspective to derive ideas and critically consider important aspects of the pacific rim.


Time: 8-10 class periods


ACTIVITY The Ring Of Fire


Students will complete a map, make quickie-volcanoes, and ask critical questions about causes of volcanoes.

Time: 1 class period

Learning Outcomes

The learner will:



1.     Ask learners critical questions regarding the volcanoes of the Pacific Rim (see list of suggested questions). 

2.  Ask students to listen carefully as you explain how and why volcanoes exist on the rim of fire. Ask for questions and comments (review eruptions, exploding mountains and earthquakes and epicenters).

3. Have students sketch and label their version of what happens on the Pacific floor and inside a volcano. Share the description a second time while learners sketch.