• Earth Day
  • By publishing Countdown each Earth Day, we keep government and corporate officials focused on these Global Goals. And we show the public the progress -- or the lack of it -- those leaders are making on pressing environmental problems. All members receive the Countdown Report.

    Earth Day affords science teachers with an outstanding opportunity to focus student's attention on the environment and to stimulate their creativity and imagination, so that they can act persuasively to help solve environmental problems. Our belief is that all schools should make this day a tradition which students and faculty eagerly anticipate. The organization of activities for such an event lends itself to an interdisciplinary approach which allows for school-wide participation in the learning process.

    Our suggestion is that Earth Day evolve into a week of activities that tend to be student- action oriented. Ideally, these activities will provide them with a means to act on their convictions. Most importantly these activities can provide a progressive model which can make Earth Day activities part of the schedule all year long. It is our charge to keep fresh in the minds of our students the motto that "Earth Day is every day".

    The following list offers examples of activities at various levels of involvement.

    Activities beyond the school