Littering is a habit and occurs when people deliberately or carelessly dispose of solid waste improperly. Disposing of all waste properly, recycling everything you can and reducing the amount of waste you create helps. Litter drives down property values, and is a deterrent to new business and tourism. There is strong evidence that uncollected trash and other types of physical disorder like graffiti and abandoned vehicles make people feel unsafe and attracts crime. Keep America Beautiful recommend the following to prevent litter:
Always use a vehicle litter bag or otherwise secure items inside a vehicle. It is against the law to throw trash from a vehicle. This includes cigarette butts. Litter creates an eyesore and unnecessary work for government workers or volunteers. "Floatable" trash often ends up in our creeks and rivers. If litter lands on a surface where rainwater can flow - like a street, sidewalk or parking lot, there is a very good chance it will travel to a creek or the river through the stormwater system.

It is against the law to allow items to fall or blow from a truck. Litter control workers believe that items falling or blowing from uncovered trucks is the single largest source of roadside litter in number of items and volume. This includes suburbanites who carry their trash to convenience centers, construction workers going to and from their job sites, commercial waste haulers who carry loose trash and pickup owners who casually toss th eir "stuff" in the bed of their trucks.