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The National Center launched the Environmental Policy Task Force to help arm conservatives with tools for the
environmental policy debate it had been lacking, among them: 1) a forum for coordination and sharing of strategy and
information; 2) numerous accounts of how environmental regulations work in practice; 3) explanations of the perspectives of
various groups on environmental issues; 4) a marketing apparatus to help grassroots environmental activists, persons
knowledgeable about environmental regulations and reputable economists and scientists gain greater access to the media; 5) a
system for countering "junk science" when it appears, especially in the media, with accurate facts.

The Task Force sponsors and chairs a monthly coalition meeting for conservative/free market/sound science advocates
attended by over two dozen organizations. The Task Force also produces several major publications, including a directory with
personal accounts of over 100 Americans victimized by excessive regulations, a media directory of some 150 environmental
scientists, economists and public policy experts, and a directory of some 100 common-sense environmental policy groups. The
Task Force also publishes a regular newsletter on environmental and regulatory issues, Relief Report (sent to over 3,500
reporters, editorial writers and talk show hosts and to Capitol Hill), publishes Talking Points cards, press releases and other
succinct publications for the media, the public and policymakers, and conducts press conferences and special projects.