Earth Car Free Day will be the largest sustainable transport demonstration that has ever taken place.

Cars pollute our air, cause asthma and other serious respiratory ailments, and heat up the planet. It's time to make a global statement and tell leaders everywhere that we need a transition to better transportation options and a clean energy future.


India, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Argentina, United States, Moldavia, Chile, Iran, and Nigeria are some of the countries in which Earth Car Free Day events are being planned.

Find event information or contact the organizations by searching in the appropriate geographical region in the occasion or network organization directory.

Do Your Part

Pledge to leave your car at home for Earth Day 2001! This small action, when added to thousands of other similar efforts from citizens around the world, will send a very powerful message to our world!




A car symbolizing no cars on Earth Day