Earth Day 2000 is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that seeks to strengthen the spirit of Earth Day by helping people make choices in their everyday lives that protect the environment. Our aim: a cleaner and healthier planet for all global citizens to celebrate. Earth Day 2000 keeps the original spirit of Earth Day alive, giving individuals the resources they need to make the vision of a cleaner, healthier planet for the 21st Century a reality.

"The earth will continue to regenerate its life sources only as long as we and all the peoples of the world do our part to conserve its natural resources. It is a responsibility which every human being shares. Through voluntary action, each of us can join in building a productive land in harmony with nature."

President Gerald Ford
Proclaiming March 21st as Earth Day

In spite of today's widespread violence, chaos and confusion, many projects for peace, justice and the care of Earth are springing up around the world. Though they may not use the term, many people are acting as Earth Trustees and independent efforts of this kind are to be commended and encouraged. New global awareness, communications and technology now make possible humanity's awakening to understanding and cooperation that will forever eliminate the shortsighted hate, greed, lust and war that has plagued all of history.


To encourage pioneers in this endeavor and help Earth Trustees