Earth Day

People all over the country are celebrating Earth Day. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 of each year to help recognize the need to preserve our planet. On this day, people help out by attending environmental rallies, recycling items such as paper and plastics, and cleaning up littered areas.

Earth Day began in the spring of 1970, by Senator Gaylord Nelson. Senator Nelson was dedicated to environmental protection and land conservation.
Nelson wanted to make enviromental concerns a part of public policy. In 1962, Nelson persuaded President Kennedy to go on a national tour discussing the importance of environmental conservation. Though Kennedy had some impact on the nation, environmentalism did not gain any recognition in our political state.

Because of this failed effort, Nelson decided to found Earth Day in 1970. He accomplished this by speaking to college campuses across the country. The college students became interested and pushed the nation and the government into recognizing the importance of saving the environment.

The Earth is a very unique planet that has supported life for hundreds of thousands of years. Nature has been the support of our ecosystem, providing our planet with beauty and the things necessary for human survival. As our human population continues to grow, the natural resources that we use will continue to reduce. Human society must do what it can to maintain what nature has been providing for years. To accomplish this, we must clean up after ourselves and use our resources wisely.

David Grade 8