This Earth Day there are many different projects my name is Thomas and I go to Notre Dame Regional School and I am here to tell you about what is going on this Earth Day. Some things you might find are at your Grocery Store they are having something where you decorate your paper grocery bags for Earth Day. There is also some links down here that you can check out for Earth Day 2001.

This is the website for the grocery bags

and this is the website for

Both of these web pages tell you about what you can do in your local area this Earth Day. The things that you can do this Earth Day are things like you can decorate you paper bags from the grocery store and make a scene for Earth Day. You also can take you papers and recycle them. For the goodness of the Earth and for you to live in a safer place.


For more information on what you can do this Earth Day just ask your local police station or your local preservation league.