Goals and Objectives of Notre Dame Regional School


    The goal of Notre Dame Regional School (NDRS) is to create a Catholic academic environment where students will be allowed to reach their full potential; where they will be encouraged to develop as responsible members of the civic and Christian community and where they will be prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

    1.  To prepare students to worship as a Catholic community through their involvement in    various liturgical and prayer experiences appropriate to their age and level of maturity.
    2.  To cultivate the integration of Catholic faith and morals as a part of one's daily life.
    3.  To provide an environment in which academic excellence can be realized.
    4.  To develop an integrated curriculum in order to meet individual needs.
    5.  To encourage the students through praise, positive reinforcement and discipline, as they strive to reach their full potential; our aim is that along with a strong educational base, the students will become self-reliant, self-disciplined, and responsible individuals.
    6.  To support sound health and physical fitness programs.
    7.  To foster student appreciation for music, art, drama and poetry through exposure to various cultural media.

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